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Monday, July 24, 2006

How does a drink mug make a big splash at the Oscars?

By being a gift in the goodie bag given to stars and presenters!
Everyone loved this clever and attractive coffee drinking tool. It cools off a slurp of Joe to keep you from scalding that million dollar mouth.

This patented design has a cooling chamber that holds a small amount of coffee or tea and cools it to an enjoyable temperature while the bulk of the mug's contents are kept at full heat. BRUGO calls this slightly cooled portion the PTZ or Perfect Temperature Zone.

Controls on top allow you to drink staight through without using the cooling chamber feature, or seal up the BRUGO mug for a spillproof container, or use the patented Tip and Sip feature. Fun and attractive in lots of stylish colors. Expect to see this with the logos of other famous companies on the side. Expect to see famous and stylish people BRUGO Mugging for the paparazzi....

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