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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Q: How do you make a small fortune in racing?
A: Start with a large fortune!
A2: Only race 1/32 scale cars!

Most men would love to spend $100,000 on a race car. Most men can only afford $60.00 and a trip to the local slot car race club. As a hobby, slot car racing has most of the potential excitement of fullsize road racing at very fractional costs.

What better way to virtually rocket around the track in a Jaguar XJR9 than to buy a SlotIt or NSR racer without even killing your lunch money for the month. Best of all, they come out of the box looking absolutely like the real thing -- instant gratification!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Honda Connectors, Inc,
is a full line connector company. Honda Connectors develops and designs connector and wiring products for the computer, telecommunications, and instrumentation markets. Products include high density PC board connectors and optical connectors.
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Friday, September 01, 2006

Thick Sleeve for Flexo

Nearly 90% of Flexographic Printers are using sleeves for many benefits.
- Faster job changes because mounting and inspection can be done off-press
- Fewer metal print cylinder diameters to make different repeat lengths
- Leave plates mounted if the job will be reprinted often
- Reduce the number of metal print cylinder changes and the downtime changes create
- Increase flexibility and capabilities of presses with lower investment
- Increased quality because preparing a job is not a race to get the press restarted

Xymid is innovating beyond their bridge mandrel and sleeve products. They are now building Thick Sleeves with thick walls that can hold plates for those jobs that you print time after time. Instead of using bridge mandrels and thin sleeves, slide on a single thick sleeve for each color, check and print.

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