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Friday, November 03, 2006

Wearable Japanese Art

* Waza means "skill" or "technique"
* Kimono are traditional clothes with hand painted and woven decorations.
* Jeans are the international clothes of choice for youth.
* Mizra is the mashup result of lots of careful design and skill applied to couture fashion jeans made in Kojima, Japan.

Mizra produces both mens and womens high fashion pants. The international reaction is very strong. They are being snapped up everywhere in the World they are being sold. Some include kimono fabric appliques, others have combinations of fabric and handpainted traditional designs. Ornate designs of obi sashes and other parts of traditional dress are thoughtfully incorporated in this trendsetter from Japan.

At $350 to $450 a pair, these are not the jeans you wear to change the oil in your Chevy! The accompanying shirt and jacket lines bring the artwork up from your hips and onto your chest and arms. This is what the trendy and fashionable crowd wants to wear! Very popular and oh so chic.

For more information contact Tom Turner at ITA.