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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Kuniseal C-31 DS

Kuniseal keeps the water out of complicated press pit with
over 4 concrete pours.

Results are in, a project here in NW Suburban Chicago is
a proven success. A 20 foot deep press pit constructed to
house the base of a huge hydraulic press was constructed
using C-31 DS. 


Kuniseal C-31 DS is a proven waterstop around the World.
C-31 DS is best suited for below grade seams and cold 
joint transitions (like wall to floor joint seams.) 

Made of eco-friendly bentonite clay, C-31 DS is suited
to Green Building and highly effective at blocking ground
water infiltration at seams and penetrations.

C-31 DS is engineered to have a very controlled activation, 
which reduces spoilage by rain or ground water infiltration
prior to cement pours.

Other uses include complex elevator pits Also, penetrations 
such as I or H beams or pipes and at material transitions 
such as new poured concrete to CMU foundation blocks or